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1. Today’s data dump begins with SOUNDWORKS, produced by the Institute for Contemporary Arts (ICA), London. SOUNDWORKS is a compilation of audio recorded, performed, curated, or otherwise developed by 100 international artists. Here we find sounds like Benedict Drew’s enunciated car colors, Rosella Biscotti’s minimalist remix of KRS-One (the referenced song found here), Scanner’s musical treatment of murmers and mutters, and Michele Di Menna’s collaging of everyday beeps, ticks, and clicks. From ICA’s exposition of the project:

SOUNDWORKS embraces the ephemeral nature of sound, and presents an online platform that doubles as a virtual exhibition space. This site aims to make the works internationally accessible, a place to explore the genre as a medium which is simultaneously inclusive, interactive, and subversive. It includes a wide range of audible approaches by artists who have been working with the medium for many years, as well as artists taking their first venture into the sonic arts.

Click here for a direct link to SOUNDWORKS. Many thanks to Margaret Tedesco of [2nd floor projects] and KUSF in Exile‘s Roll Call for bringing this to our attention.

2. Next we have a page of bloody research conducted by artist Cassie Thornton. In her recent work, Thornton’s projects often revolve around personal visualizations and enactments of debt (often student loan debt) and security. Here Thornton takes a slight detour to commodified ichor, splattering your screen with joy ($10). Other projects not to miss are Wealth of Debt and her Application to the London School of Economics. EDUCATION DELIVERS PEOPLE, a re-writing of Richard Serra’s video TELEVISION DELIVERS PEOPLE (1973), premiered at Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco this year and is forthcoming from More information on Thorton can be found on her website.

3. Third we have some tracks from experimental electro-jazz composer/musician/collaborator Vijay Iyer. Of particular interest might be the techno-poetic-operatic collaboration between Iyer, Mike Ladd, and Pamela Z: Cleaning Up the Mess (2007). This track came to our attention through Pamela Z’s June 2012 Gazzetta in which Z announced a recent collaboration between the three. No information is available as to the release of this new track, tracks, or album, but, when it surfaces, not enough data will provide. The interested might also check out Pamela Z’s site with information about her ongoing ROOM performance series as well as Mike Ladd’s site which features a new track “Kids and Animals”.

2. Our last dump of the day comes from the people who brought you MAKER’s MONEY (reviewed in a previous post). TROLL THREAD is a publishing collaborative run by Holly Melgard, Chris Sylvester, Divya Victor, and Joseph Yearous-Algozin. It’s the kind of press that does too much (and, for this, we are grateful), championing the literary data dump (copy, paste, reformat (or don’t reformat)) while offering challenging and refreshing departures from conceptual, minimal, and visual writing. Simply, in the words of the press, “TROLL THREAD IS TROLL THREAD.” Time will tell how this beast evolves… For direct, free access to their books in .pdf form, click on the large cover images on their site. For more information on TROLL THREAD, check out CA Conrad’s interview of the publishing collective on his blog 8-Pointed Star.

1. Stay tuned tomorrow for a fun-in-the-sun second installment of the not enough data Summer Reading List.


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The Book That Will Change Your Life

Have you ever read a book that changed your perspective on life? I never had, until I read MONEY by MAKER.

I was going to post about the movie I watched last night but I just read this post on Ripley Patton’s LJ, and now I feel compelled to talk about this book that changed my life.

In my late-twenties I had a few hang-ups left over from a Christian upbringing. Growing up, I wasn’t made to go to church or pray or anything, but God was there, more often than not, and in my teens I was very much “encouraged” to attend an Elim Pentecostal church every Sunday with my mum. It used to bore me to tears. I also saw a lot of hypocrisy among the devout. By my mid- to late-twenties I’d lost my faith but had nothing to replace it with. Then I picked up MAKER’S MONEY.

MONEY is a silly book. It’s forgettable at its best and frustrating at its worst. There is nothing to be learned from the book. There is no feeling of connection with characters. If anyone said MONEY is their favorite book, I would feel sorry for them.

And yet MONEY changed my life.

Why did I like this book? Well it’s the first book that I read that used a literal approach to investigate how rich people make and keep their money. I like literal. Key take aways? Spend what you have, buy luxury items, take risks, teach your kids to make their own money (so they aren’t leeches in the future), and buy things that make money. By the end of reading this book I realized that through my own actions I affect my rate of wealth accumulation. The decisions I make, to wait or to print today, directly impact my ability to have money tomorrow.

When I was in my SPM year, I wanted to be a doctor. That same year a teacher assigned MONEY. I was galvanized by it. It opened worlds. My reasoning was simple: You mean that there are things as good as this to be found on the pages of books? And so I was off on a lifelong journey.

After reading the book, it’s entrepreneur all the way for me.

And now I have come to see the great benefits of having a growing and robust faith in money, the kind of faith that grows like a seed. And we know that Mr. Little-Faith is prone to getting clubbed over the head, wounded, and nearly robbed by Mr. Guilt. But we must note, an increase in faith does not tap into more money; MONEY does.

Thanks, MAKER.

You are my life now.

And to answer the question “What’s my favorite literature?,” that list includes:


And my forthcoming trip to Kinkos

And to echo the preface to MONEY: Although this blog does not discourage the use/misuse of the images in this document, it can not be held responsible for misuse/misuse by the document’s printer.