Book Release: MOVING MY VOWELS by Charlie Morrow kicks off its fall publishing season with sound poet Charlie Morrow‘s poetic improvement of the U.S. national anthem Moving My Vowels (direct link to the PDF version)!

The book contains Morrow’s eight systematic permutations of vowels in The Star Bangled Banner, Francis Scott Key’s poem itself, and part of John Stafford Smith’s British gentleman’s club medley The Anacreontic Song (the music to which Key set his poem). Joining these variants of the US national anthem, the book maps some significant shifts in the song’s history.

Both the print and pdf books are designed as unbound pages to offer greater performance possibility. The print book, an edition of 25, is housed in a choral folder and offers eight easily distributable scores for solo or group performance. Interpreters might sing in unison, as a round, and so on.  The pdf book offers even more possibility given the ease of distribution and production (desktop printers). In this case, stadiums of people could move their vowels together.

Written by Morrow in 1990, Moving My Vowels is published for the first time by It was performed by Charlie Morrow, Maija-Leena Remes, Tom Comitta, and attendees at Bowling in Bowlers, an afternoon of sound poetry and lawn bowling held at the Oakland Lawn Bowling Club this past May. If you interpret the book and would like to share, please send documentation to It’s quite possible we’ll share it on this blog.

PDF available for free at (Direct link to PDF)

Print Book ($20.00), edition of 25, available by emailing